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"When it comes to fishing, there is a fine line between actually fishing and just standing on the bank looking like an idiot”


What is Lure Fishing?

Lure fishing is a general term for anything intended to behave like an injured or distressed baitfish. The action of the lure tempts predators like Pike, Perch and Zander to attack. A lure is basically the thing you tie to the end of your line in order to catch a fish.

Lure Fishing UK

There is a huge range of lures available and many that suit certain scenarios. Lures can be made from metal, plastic, rubber or wood. Each representing a baitfish in many different ways. This is part of the excitement of predator fishing…. Experimenting with different lures and finding what the fish are looking for on any given day.

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What is so good about Lure Fishing?

One of our favourite things to do is to go for a walk along the canal with the family and a lure rod.

Lure Fishing also presents an alternative for anglers that stop fishing in the colder months. Many anglers only fish during the warmer months and that is understandable. It can be difficult to motivate yourself to sit by the side of a river for hours on end when it’s freezing outside. That’s where lure angling comes in… Get wrapped up and grab your rod and flask and go for a walk. It's not unusual for us to walk 2 or 3 miles casting every now and then when we see a fishy spot.

The best thing about this style of fishing? It’s exciting... constantly casting and retrieving, knowing a fish could take the lure at any second.

Learning to Lure fish sets you up for a lifetime of fun. We have fished with lures all over the world. It’s easy to pack a telescopic rod and a few bits of tackle in the suitcase. Its often just as easy to pick up a cheap setup when you arrive at your destination. We have caught barracuda in Turkey, Mackerel, Wrasse and Bass while on family holidays in the UK

Still not convinced? Check out the blog... We will have you lure fishing in no time!

Recomended Lure Fishing Tackle

Here at Pikezander we are always trying and testing new bits of tackle. Be that rods, reels, lures and terminal tackle you can be assured that we only recommend items we love! 


You may wonder why I started this blog? Well, the answer is that I love fishing but I particularly love fishing artificial baits. It's not just me though because my little boy’s love it too.

I found fishing around the age 7-8. I used to go regularly with my Dad and my cousin's now-husband. I loved every second of it and still do to this day.

I did take a hiatus of 10 years or so but I am now firmly back in love with the sport that has given me so many happy memories.

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