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Lure Fishing for Pike Tips and Guides

Achieve more lure fishing for Pike with these handy tips and guides

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Want to get started pike fishing? Our complete guide is the only guide you need.

Best Pike Lures 2019. RAPALA X RAP PETO.

Find out which pike lures made our top 5. To be honest they are all stunning baits and will catch big pike! What are you waiting for? Check the list out now and get them on your Christmas list.

Lure Fishing for Perch Tips and Guides

Get more from your lure fishing for perch with these handy tips and guides

lure fishing for perch

Looking to get started with lure fishing for perch? This is the only guide you need.

Lure Fishing for Pike, Perch and Zander

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You may wonder why I started this blog? Well, the answer is that I love fishing but I particularly love lure fishing for pike perch and Zander. It's not just me though because my little boy loves it too.

I found fishing around the same age as he is now. I used to go regularly with my Dad and my cousin's now-husband. I loved every second of it and still do to this day.

I did take a hiatus of 10 years or so but I am now firmly back in love with the sport that has given me so many happy memories.

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We upload the latest pictures from our adventures on the bank here.

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“If you want to catch big Pike, Perch or Zander you have to fish for them” That's what my Dad said when I first wet a line all those years ago. It sounds simple and it is.. kind of.

Our blog is all about giving back to the wonderful sport of fishing and specifically lure fishing for Pike, Perch and Zander. Join us on our weekly fishing adventures and we may just help you catch the big one.

Fishing for mental wellbeing - Fishing in schools

Fishing for Mental Wellbeing

February 27, 2020

In this post, our special guest contributor Andy Hewitt talks about fishing for mental wellbeing and the awesome benefits everyone can experience if they just give it a try. Fishing for mental wellbeing – The Hustle and Bustle These days,  the hustle and bustle of life and the daily grind seem to get in the …

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Lure fishing in floods and coloured water - Flooded river

Lure fishing in floods

February 17, 2020

At this time of year fishing is tough, especially lure fishing in the winter floods and to complicate matters further, temperatures and wind directions change by the hour. This guide will help you master lure fishing in floods and get more fish on the bank. Please Note: We only ever link to tackle and lures that …

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The 3 Golden Rules of Lure Fishing

The 3 Golden Rules of Lure Fishing by Andy Hewitt

February 1, 2020

The 3 golden rules of lure fishing: When you get to a certain age, you spend more time looking behind you than you do gazing into the future. Especially during this period of bad weather Time is often spent reflecting on past triumphs or disasters and the ever-present father time seems to be constantly taping …

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Fish Spy Echo Pro Review

FishSpy Echo Pro Review – The Best Castable Sonar You Can Buy

January 26, 2020

Our latest review is an exciting one, the FishSpy Echo Pro is a shiny new piece of tech and it is a castable floating sonar/fishfinder device made by Total Fishing Gear. Now I hear you, there are other castable sonars available, Deeper and Ibobber to mention just a couple but the FishSpy version has something …

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Pike Unhooking Tools

Pike Unhooking Tools

January 22, 2020

Pike Unhooking Tools This post will cover all of the Pike unhooking tools you will need to properly care for the fish you catch. We will focus on the Pike which is, of course, our biggest native freshwater predator but the same care and principles should be applied when handling all predators. Whether you are …

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Lure Fishing Technique article

Lure Fishing Techniques

December 21, 2019

In this post, I am going to describe the different lure fishing techniques and how you can use them to tempt a strike from a predator fish such as Pike, Perch and Zander.  Hopefully, you have got your rod, reel and lures sorted and you’re ready to hit the bank. Hold on… Not quite. You …

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Jerkbait Rod Setup - Featured Image

The Perfect Jerkbait Rod Setup

December 14, 2019

In this post, we are going to walk you through the perfect jerkbait rod setup. First of all, let’s find out a little more about Jerkbait fishing.  Please Note: While we only ever link to tackle and lures that we have used and recommended, the link below is an affiliate link. This means that if …

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Best Pike Lures 2019. RAPALA X RAP PETO.

Best Pike Lures 2019

December 1, 2019

With predator season upon us and Christmas just around the corner its is time to check out the best pike lures that have stood out this year. Whether you’re eyeing them up as a gift or like me you like to choose your own… here are the best pike lures 2019 money can buy. P.S …

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KODEX Karp-Lokker KL40 Carryall Review

KODEX Karp-Lokker KL40 Carryall Review

November 18, 2019

The KODEX Karp-Lokker KL40 Carryall is intended for use by carp and specimen hunters. The carryall is made using quality materials and incorporates loads of great features. How does it hold up for the lure angler? We took it on the bank to find out. Kodex sent us this product free of charge for the …

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Jika Rig – Catch More Perch

November 9, 2019

The Jika Rig is one of the best methods out there for catching perch. That is the bold statement I am making today. A Jika Rig allows a soft plastic lure to jigged tantalisingly just off the bottom while still presenting a horizontal bait.  Perch love the Jika Rig Jika Rig originated in Japan before anglers in the US borrowed …

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