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I always cringe a little when I write any ‘Best….’ blogs. That is because so many people will have differing opinions. So before anyone gets upset and hammers me in the comments, this post ‘The Best Perch Lures 2020 UK‘ is just my opinion. There are thousands of perch fishing lures that I could have talked about but as ever with, I want to write about something I have hands-on experience with and feel confident in.

The fact of the matter is Perch will willingly take a great variety of lures and they are brilliant sport on a light set up. If you are wondering what tackle you need to start lure fishing for perch – check out Lure fishing for perch.

There aren’t many lures that a perch won’t touch However it is certainly true that you will have better luck with some lures as opposed to others. All of the lures I will list shortly have caught me fish including my PB perch (3lb 2oz). Firstly let me outline the main perch fishing lures you need in your lure box.


Spinners have always been a favourite perch fishing lure of mine and will definitely make an entry to my ‘Best Perch Lures 2020 UK’. Spinners are effective and work particularly well when fished at the correct size. Spinners attract perch by the vibration they give off as they are retrieved.

As always I don’t believe the actual colour is too important but I would pick dark or bright patterns depending on the water condition. Natural colours for normal conditions and bright for murky water. Black is a sensible choice if you are fishing in clear water.

One of our many perch that has fallen to a spinner


Jigging has taken the sport by storm and although it is seen as a new method, in reality, it isn’t. Regardless, It definitely is a tried and tested way of catching perch. They generally work best when perch are deeper in the water but I have caught by Jigging in all conditions. There are all sorts of combinations and types of jig head available but if you’re just starting out I would go for between a 2.5g Jig Head and 5g.

Jerkbait, Crankbaits and Plugs

My all-time favourite method for catching perch or any fish for that matter are crankbaits jerkbaits and plugs. If your unsure about what these baits are you should check out this post here (its a pike guide but scroll down to ‘Types of Lure’). You want to go for smaller sized variations I would say no bigger than 9cm depending on the lure. Perch can get big but most of the perch you will catch in the UK will be sub 1lb and the good fish 2lb+.

The Best Perch Lures 2020 UK

Right, without any more delay here are ‘The Best Perch Lures 2020 UK’ in my opinion :).

Please note: While we only ever link to tackle and lures that we have used and recommended, the links below are affiliate links. This means that if you click a link and buy the product we may receive a small commission from the retailer (at no cost to yourself). Should you choose to use an affiliate link please know that we are extremely grateful and any commission we do receive helps us to maintain the blog, create more content for readers enjoyment and continue our adventure in the wonderful world of fishing.

10. Mepps Thunder Bug

I am and have been a for a long time a huge fan of the Mepps Aglia range. I have caught bucket loads with the Agila especially when I first started with lures. My son also loves them! However, the Aglia does not make ‘The Best Perch Lures 2020 UK’ and that is because I recently discovered the Mepps Thunder Bug. I decided to give them a go as they looked good and wow I’m glad I did. It is definitely another winner from Mepps. Interestingly I have caught a couple of smashing Chub from a local river with these beauties.

The Best Perch Lures In 2019 (UK)
Nice Chub lad

The Thunder Bug blades are formed like insect wings. They are composed of quality materials and seem to have just the right shape and thickness create a vibration fish just can’t resist.

Put the Thunder Bug down the sides of reeds and lily pads for maximum effect.

9. Zman TRD Ticklerz

A new entry to the list of best perch lures 2020 and I am absolutely loving these at the moment. They are so versatile. Pair them with the Ned Rig and you are good to go. Hop them across the bottom or drag them. Fast or slow. I’ve caught perch and pike using these in all situations. Deadly lure.

8. Keitech Crazy Flapper 2.8″ (7cm)

This is a fantastic creature that imitates a crayfish. Its a multi-purpose lure too and can be rigged Texas or Carolina or even on the dropshot. I’ve caught in rivers with this weightless and used it as a Jig/Spinner trail.

7. Strike Pro Piglet Shad

These lures have been gaining a lot of attention in the fishing industry and rightly so… They are a cracking perch fishing lure. The lure has some serious action and can be perfect for situations when fish want something with a bit more vibration. The design of the lure also causes a ‘belly flash’ which of course makes the lure even more appealing to perch. I have caught perch on both the 8.5cm and 10cm versions. The 10cm generally picks out the bigger fish.

6. Z-man Finesse TRD

Designed for a finesse style of fishing this lure should be Ned rigged. The bait doesn’t look like much but trust me…. it catches fish. Ned rig baits are designed to be buoyant. This means that the lure will sit up on the bottom allowing you to jiggle and bounce it around enticingly. The design also means you can keep your bait in the strike zone for much longer than regular baits.

5. Westin Shad Teez 

Now, this is some lure. At the moment it is my go-to lure for any situation. In my opinion, it is the perfect ‘match the hatch’ lure as it is so realistic. The lure is absolutely lethal on perch and pike… they just can’t resist it. My favourite and the one I have had the most success with is the 9cm in headlight pattern. Get these in your bag they are superb perch fishing lures.

4. Salmo Hornet

The Salmo Hornet has a wonderful reputation as a serial fish-catching crankbait and rightly so. This is one of my go-to lures and its not just me, millions of Hornets have been bought by anglers in dozens of countries. The Hornet is one of the best sellers in Salmo’s range and it is highly effective for every species of predatory fish, especially, perch. It is also simple to use and therefore a great beginner lure. Just cast it out and retrieve and the lure will do the rest. For river, fishing, be sure to keep the retrieve speed slightly faster than the current. Try to hold the Hornet in place over deeper spots where you expect the big fish to be waiting.

The hornet is available in sinking and floating, multiple colours and weights. My personal favourite for perch is the 5cm floating Grey-Silver.

3. Relax Kopyto Shads

As we move into the top 3 Best Perch Lures In 2020 (UK) we get our first soft plastic lure. The Relax Kopyto Shad just works. It catches fish after fish and can 100% be a blank beater. I can’t remember how many times I have been having a tough day and the Kopyto has dug me out and saved my session.

The Relax Kopyto Shad has an ultra-realistic swimming action while paddle tail and jointed body and ensure they remain effective at any speed.

Available in lots of different colours and sizes but I tend to use the 7.5cm ones the most. I pair them with a good quality Jig head usually between 2g and 5g.

2. Big S

Noah’s PB that was featured in the Angling Times

I had to include this plug as it has and does catch me lots of perch. This is also the lure that caught me my PB from a river in North Yorkshire and my son’s that was featured in the Angling Times! The lure has a fast enticing vibration and a rattle that drives fish crazy. It is also incredibly easy to use. Just cast and retrieve that is all there is to it.

The Shakespeare ‘S’ is available in a range of sizes from tiny to a 120mm Mega version. I personally love the Midi 10g in perch colours.

1. Shadow Rap Shad – Best Perch Lure

The Rapala Shadow Rap Shad is one of the best perch fishing lures I have ever used. The range is designed to represent baitfish fish in trouble or injured. The lure has a wonderful flash as it rolls in the water and gets takes from perch, pike and zander. The Shadow Rap will dive to around 0.9-1.2m unless you go for the deep version and that goes to 1.5-1.8m. The lure can be cranked or jerked and worked at any speed, though I find short erratic jerks are the most likely to provoke a take. Its is a cracking bait and deserving of the number one spot in my Best Perch Lures In 2020 (UK).

The lure is around 9cm, weighs roughly 12g and is available in a range of colours and patterns.

I hope you enjoyed this post. Remember this is just my opinion and there are many other lure anglers out there that will have a different set of lures they like the best. Now I want to put it back to you… Which lures do you recommend and why?

Do you want to know how to catch pike on lures in Autumn?

If you need any support or guidance with anything lure fishing-related please feel free to contact us.

See you next time.


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